Three Points of Impact
We are not your traditional real estate team!

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At RCI Real Estate Group we believe that Purpose defines who you are, what you do and more importantly, what you do not do.  One's business should be a reflection of one's personal values rather than one's values a reflection of 'the business.'   Our code is simple -

Purpose and Impact Before Profit


At RCI Real Estate Group, we believe that there is no greater cause to fight for than the well-being, protection and superior results of our clients.  Real Estate is an industry built on ego.  Full of ambitious individuals who only fight for themselves.  

We on the other hand, choose to fight together for a Greater Cause. 


At RCI Real Estate Group, giving back, attempting to inspire the community and connect with people on a much deeper level will always guide our actions and decision-making.  We believe that giving back is not an obligation but a privilege.  

Hence, Our Guiding Principle - 'Profit for a Purpose'